What is a Friends Group? 


A Friends Group is a group of like-minded people who come together with a common interest, in our case paleontology and the North Dakota Public Fossil Dig Program.

Friends of NDGS Paleo is a 100% volunteer-run, 501(c)(3) organization established in 2020 to support The North Dakota Geological Survey Paleontology Program (NDGS Paleontology). Funds raised go directly to support the Public Fossil Dig Program, field and lab work, and fossil exhibits in North Dakota. 

Our mission is to promote paleontology and science education in North Dakota through community engagement, education, and outreach and to make science accessible to everyone, regardless of background or income level.

NDGS Paleontology Program Public Fossil Dig Program


What does a Friends Group do? 

Friends of NDGS Paleo supports NDGS Paleontology in the following ways:

  • Fundraising to support the Public Fossil Dig Program, paleontology exhibits, research and lab work
  • Managing the Paleo Pals membership program
  • Managing the Dig Supporter Program and early registration for the Public Fossil Digs
  • Public Fossil Dig registration
  • Volunteering in the field and lab

What do your donations support? 



Provides supplies, equipment, and transportation which helps lower the daily registration costs for participants.


With enough funds we can provide opportunities for students studying paleontology to gain important field experience.


NDGS Paleontology maintains over two dozen fossil exhibits across North Dakota, making sure everyone can learn about our prehistoric heritage.

Get involved!

Join the Paleo Pals! Become a Dig Supporter!