2023 FAMILY Paleo Pals Membership with Raffle for 2024 Early Registration


Love fossils? So do we!

Paleo Pals is an annual membership program run by Friends of NDGS Paleo. Memberships support NDGS Paleo and the Public Fossil Dig Program and help us offer as many fossil dig opportunities as possible and keep the costs affordable for everyone

Plus you get some great membership benefits!

  • One raffle ticket for a chance to win 4 EARLY REGISTRATION SPOTS for 2024!
  • FOUR Exclusive NDGS Paleo Pal stickers* 
  • Be the first to know about Public Fossil Dig dates & details!
  • Access to members-only events
  • Help keep the fossil digs affordable for everyone!



Paleo Pal Membership DOES NOT include access to early registration, for information on early registration: check out: Dig Supporters Early Registration

Only the first 100 memberships receive Raffle Tickets!

*Membership goodies will be mailed out in September after the end of field season! Please remember to fill in your contact information so we can send you your membership goodies! 



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