For more than a decade, the North Dakota Geological Survey Paleontology (NDGS Paleontology) Public Fossil Dig Program has promoted public understanding of the importance of North Dakota’s fossil resources through education and outreach activities. 

We are currently seeking sponsorships for the Public Fossil Digs!

The Public Fossil Digs take place from mid-June through mid-August, with more than 500 dig spots available to participants. Anyone over the age of 10 is invited to help us excavate fossils for a small daily fee, and we are the lowest costs fossil dig program in the country. It is our mission to keep this once-in-a-lifetime education opportunity accessible to everyone in North Dakota, regardless of income level. With rising costs of supplies and transportation, we are looking to our sponsors to help keep digs affordable for all participants.

In exchange for your support, sponsors will receive:

  • Your company name or logo displayed on dig site flags* for all dig participants to see!
  • Recognition on our website and social media
  • Your company name or logo displayed on staff t-shirts* for all dig participants to see!
  • Donations are tax-deductible!
  • Our deepest thanks!

Sponsor the Medora Dig! 

$ 500

  • In Medora, we dig in Sentinel Butte Formation rocks, 55-60-million-years old full of a variety of crocodiles, giant salamanders, fish, champsosaurs, clams, snails, and more.


Sponsor the Dickinson Dig! 

$ 500

  • This site is ~32-30- million-years-old and has fossils from many mammal groups still seen today, including rhinos, horses, camels, hell pigs, nimravids , rodents, bats, and more.


Sponsor the Pembina Dig! 

$ 500

  • The 80-million-year old Pierre Formation was once home to great swimming reptiles called mosasaurs, giant squid, sea turtles, birds, fish, snails, clams, and more.


**Note: Logos must be sent to by 5/1/2024 to be included on 2024 t-shirts and flags!

A HUGE thank you to our Sponsors!

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